Payment Gateway Integration

Payment as easy as a handshake

Polish your e-commerce website with a payment gateway.

Being able to make a payment is what makes your business run. Having multiple payment options gives customers more control. Billing, when done right, should be able to handle your dealings securely and smoothly. We can help code safe and easy transactions so that you don’t have to worry if the money is in the bank. Let’s add a payment gateway to your site now.

Payment Gateway Integration

How can Apex Global Solutions make payment easy?

Payment is the most important part of running any business. The handling and exchanging of money makes us uneasy. Is there more than one way to pay? Will it get to the right place? Will our credit information be safe from hackers? Are we getting exactly what we are paying for? With Apex Global Solutions’ payment gateways, the answers are always yes. We have the knowhow to help transactions move along smoothly and greatly reduce the risk of exchanging money over the internet. We will make sure great encryption is in place to make sure bank and money information are kept safe from prying eyes. We can integrate a PayPal portal for customers who prefer a more familiar payment option. We can also put in options to pay now and pick up from your store. All we need to begin is your requirements. Call us.