Open Source Content Management

Take advantage of community built resources

The communities of open source software have built powerful tools.

It’shigh time we utilize them. There are numerous content management templates to take advantage of. We at Apex Global Solutions follow the open source community faithfully. Each platform has its advantages. We know the most intuitive templates and understand how to hone in the power to make your web site look as great as it can possibly be. Call us so that we can show you everything you’ll need to run a successful website.

Open Source Content Management

What will our content managers have to do?

We need to make sure that any CMS we choose is tailored to your needs. It’ll require showing of your brand as much as possible. It needs to keep your tidy website in tip top shape at all times. We need to make sure it is easy for you to add new pages and content. It should integrate well with your shiny e-commerce utilities. We at AGS will make sure your CMS meets your standards.

What do we at AGS know?

Content management systems (CMS) are the greatest way to keep all the data of your website uniform, clean, and natural. They provide a framework in which you drag your most important stuff to be displayed. We at AGS know exactly how to implement these templates that will help you become more self-sufficient without having to rewrite every code for each web page you create. We’ll make sure that your brand is given the greatest amount of attention. Just to name a few of the open source CMS’ we follow;

  • Word Press
  • Magento
  • Joomla!
  • Drupal
  • And many more

Tell us your needs and we’ll give you the best platform and template to suit it. If there isn’t a template that perfectly meets your needs we can also build a custom CMS for you.