Custom Content Management

See what you need; not what you don’t

It would be very costly to have someone to add and manage all of the content on your website.

Having to add code and keep it constant across all pages one by one is very inefficient. Keeping everything neat and uniform will lead you to success. We create content management outlines that are easy to use and manage. We can help you keep everything in order. Our custom content management templates will make you more self-sufficient. You will be able to add new pages with ease. Give us a call so we can start building a tool that will greatly improve the way you interact with your site.

Custom Content Management

What can CMS’ do?

Websites need to ability to adapt and morph to any change. An ideal website is and stays well organized. Organized pictures, products, blogs, etcetera is the reason costumers are coming back soon. We can help you maintain your website and its contents. Our CMS (content management systems) templates will give you and your business the power over your website. No knowledge of code is necessary. We will provide you with tools such as;

Security access

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Creation of different types of pages
  • Uniform product, blog, gallery position , and look and feel across all of your web pages
  • Customizable fonts, colors, tags, etc.

Why Apex Global Solutions’ content managers?

Adding content frequently to your website can be hassle. We can help mitigate the pain. By implementing our content managers you are empowering your business to change everything on your website at will. The options to add different types of pages can be there in case you don’t need them now but it becomes essential in the future (e.g. blog templates). Or we can make your website very light weight and only provide everything that is needed right now and worry about adding new services later. Let us know what you frequently add on your website and we’ll help you manage it.

Of course, we can always look at open-source CMS’ and configure them to better suit your needs. We watch the open source community very closely and know what the best templates are and any vulnerability that are associated. Contact us now for a quote.