Our Methodology

There is a well-established scientific method to the way we work

It is a method that we have been refining for almost a decade.


Using all of research in marketing and graphic design trends we begin a project by planning. What will your website require? To make it work, what needs to happen in the background? What are the security concerns? Are we going to utilize all e-commerce has to offer? What are the marketing techniques we can employ? And lastly, what can we do to make your brand and your website look as great as possible? Through planning a project we can establish a great strategy that will keep us on schedule and still give us a lot of wiggle-room to be as creative as possible.


Next we will design anything that you need. This is a bit of a middle step between the planning phase and the development phase. We at AGS believe it is extremely important to make sure that not only do you get exactly what you want but we make sure to excel your expectations. We will make sure to design a logo that perfectly fits your business. We will make sure that your website will accentuate your brand. And we will make sure that you get the most possible return on your investment.


We are very fluent in languages such as Html5 and PHP. We know everything that can be known about Adobe tools. And we follow updates at all times. We will build your website from the ground up. We can take advantage of the open source arsenal or we can create custom tools that are extremely important to keeping your business running. We will take you into the mobile World with a beautiful website and an extremely intuitive app. All of our planning is now ready for testing.


The time has come. Once we deploy any of our projects, the work is never truly done until you are satisfied. After your logo is designed and is out in the World getting recognition we will still be helping you market your brand. Through business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogs we will make sure that you are getting recognition out on the streets. AGS will make sure that your website is being overloaded with traffic by;marketing on social media, showing off web banners, and optimizing your ability to be found. We will help you constantly monitor and analyze your marketing technique to ensure quality is being met.