Mobile Website Design

Step into the future

More than half the traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices and apps.

More people are turning to their mobile devices for their e-content and e-shopping needs. With the whole World in their pockets, it's important to design your website to best meet their needs. Mobile websites target smart phone users who make up a good portion of all internet usage. Your brand depends on diverting traffic to your web-storefront. It's time to branch out onto this large community platform.

What's the difference between a regular website and a mobile website?

A mobile website is a website that is optimized for smart-phones and smaller tablets. Users interact with the internet on their mobile device much differently than they do on a laptop or desktop computer. Large, beautiful images on a regular website can quickly turn ugly on a small screen. Most mobile users like one-handed operations on the internet. Zooming-in and -out and having to pan left and right to read content, will leave customers feeling unappreciated and will leave them no choice but to do business elsewhere.

MobileWebsite Design

How can we optimize our mobile experience?

Mostly, we need to make your website much more mobile-intuitive. This can include; adding scrolling ability, resizing images to fit perfectly within the new frame, adding easy-to-use web apps (e-commerce, calendars, galleries, etc.), adding a mobile app, and more. Creating a responsive website can give the best user experience; Allowing customers to access your content and all that your brand has to offer.