Website Security

Make a name people can trust

Security is on the minds of all internet users.

With identity fraud, spying, and malware on the rise it is vital to keep your customer’s data safe so they will surely come back. It’s very important to securely connect between your website and your user to protect from nefarious acts. At Apex Global Solutions, we believe that security is the greatest priority. Your business depends on people trusting that you and your affiliates are reliable and well intentioned. When you are working with customer’s email addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, and social security numbers you are directly working with their lives. Steps need to be taken to make sure your data and the data of your customers as secure as possible.

Website Security

What can we do?

We develop websites and web applications with security in mind. We work with the open-source community and search for the latest vulnerabilities and software patches. We protect the integrity of your website and services. Protect from D Dos attacks, XSS, SQL, RFI, DFI attacks (common vulnerabilities of websites). We will integrate SSL (encryption between pages on the web) to establish secure connections throughout your site. We will help you verify that your customer’s data is authentic (security for you) and ensure their privacy is handled correctly (security for them).

How can we protect the integrity of your website?

Whether you need a custom CMS or we incorporate an open source CMS we need to make sure that only authorized persons can use it. Organize your files in a way that when uploaded the content is able to be accessed by authorized individuals. Being able to add and/or delete content is the single most important thing to maintaining a website. Compromised website integrity will allow anybody in. Hackers can use your information as they please. Let’s protect against that.